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Home Ethernet Installation

Security Camera Installation

Stop Putting Up With Bad WiFi

Give your home network systems improved security, faster connections and lagless gaming. Let us bring ethernet connections to your entire home for a great price. Because sometimes WiFi just doesn't cut it.

Network Hub and Cable
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Kyrrin & Ryan are awesome! So professional, and efficient. Punctual, and everything looks organized. They also guarantee their work for 10 year! Our favorite part was the attention to detail, and they took off their shoes inside our house as they noticed we did too. Thank you very much!

Elie Boutros

About PDX Hardwire


We are professional technicians experienced in the installation and management of residential Ethernet network infrastructure.

Today's workforce is increasingly home-based and entertainment systems require lagless connectivity.  Ditch the patchy Wifi network and bring wired connections to every room in your home.

Call or email us for a free on-site survey and quote to complete your wiring project.

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PDX Hardwire Services

Improve Your Internet Experience In Every Room

However large or small your location, we can bring a secure, reliable and much faster connection to every corner of the building. Gamers will be thrilled with lagless performance and home office warriors will appreciate the improved security, privacy and file transfer speeds that WiFi just can't achieve.

Have PDX Hardwire Install Your Security Cameras

Protect your home with top-notch security camera installation services in Portland, Oregon. Our expert team ensures seamless installation of your surveillance systems tailored to meet your specific needs. With our installation solutions, you can monitor your property 24/7, deter potential threats, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you've taken the first step towards a safer, more secure environment.

Fast, Professional Installation

From the free site survey where we provide the cost estimate to the final termination, labeling and testing, you'll enjoy a trouble-free and fully guaranteed service resulting in a truly state-of-the art home and home office network.

Competitive Pricing

We think we offer the most competitive pricing you can find in Portland. When we provide our cost estimate, the majority of projects come in under that estimate and we never go over. Our many years of experience means we can anticipate and absorb typical obstacles with ease. If your project scope doesn't change, neither does our price.

Customer Support

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with PDX Hardwire. All of our services, especially customer service, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best price, as well as excellent customer service.

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PDX Hardwire is the solution to your WiFi headaches. Contact us today for your free site survey/cost estimate.


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